We are DevotTED to provide technology enabled integrated solutions via High-end Mobile apps and Web apps to meet the business and functional needs of our customers and clients.

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Early Adaptors


We hire new talent constantly to meet the demand.

To grow your career and join our dynamic team, please send your resume to Career@devotted.com
Our team follows the LEAN development principles and adapts new technologies

We build both Mobile apps and Web applications
Our any given Idea-to-Market product or services are generally first in kind to distrupt the markets or introduce new models
Market research to understand the customer needs, habits, trends helps us to create new innovative and creative products, services.


Devoted to our customer needs by understanding their core requirements, day-to-day challenges, proatively guage future demands and needs.

Devoted to our clients to offer end-to-end solutions with industry best practices.

Featured Apps

Our highly motivated team is engaged in developing rich android and iOS apps to deliver the needs of our clients, customers and in-house online applications.

First-ever Socio-impact    Mobile App

Will address the specific needs of our customers

This App is being desinged and developed to provide an integrated platform to empower and support  human personal growth with various services and products which will address the needs of our customers in a given Niche area.....

Please look for more details & updates in this section.


Our Devoted, dedicated team is highly motivated and constantely engaged in understanding dynamics of ever changing social needs, requirements and build a unique app to make a positive impact on society.


The executive members of our company are always aligned with TEAM and business requirements to make our product most successful and impactful. The constant support given by managment helps the TEAM to deliver the products and services on time which leads to maximum customer satisfaction.
Cloud Technology

Company strongly believe in Cloud technologies for a quick and easy scale up to support ever changing demands.